ElsassTrip - Airport Shuttle Service and tourism at Strasbourg / Alsace

Elasstrip is a shuttle service from Strasbourg for all the Rhine area airports and touring for visit Alsace and the shopping outlets in Alsace and the Rhine region in France and Germany.

For your business or private trips, you have to catch a flight or need a transportation solution ? ElsassTrip takes you aboard a comfortable vehicle, where public transportation is not or will not go because "it is too early or too late. ElsassTrip offers airport shuttle 24/24 hours.

Prices  for all airports of the rhine valley are fixed, quality and  smile included!

airport shuttle

navette aéroport

A plane to catch? Elsass TRIP will take you to the airport of your choice in a comfortable vehicle.

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tourism & shopping

Tourisme et shopping

Want to visit the beautiful region of Alsace and its surroundings? A shuttle: ElsassTrip perfectly meets your needs.

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